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Galvanized Dairy Equipment

Manufactured in Denver, PA

Full Service Custom Fabrication & Production

Design and 3D Modeling

Industries We Serve:

  • Agriculture
  • Transportation / Highway / Automotive
  • Construction
  • Medical
  • Machinery
  • Mining
  • Furniture
  • Heating / Cooling / HVAC
  • Commercial and Industrial Machinery

Serving the Mid-Atlantic region including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, and beyond. We offer local delivery and nationwide shipping via UPS, FedEx, or common carrier anywhere in the United States and Canada. Sturdy Built Manufacturing is your strategic partner for complete metal fabrication. Explore our service offerings below!

Precision Cutting

Precision Cutting

Laser Cutting:

10 KW Fiber Sheet Laser. 60” x 120” sheets up to 1” thickness. Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum.


High Speed Cold Saw Cutting:

Up to 3” OD tubing and 1.5” solid bar

Tube Fabrication


Small tubing up to 4” sch. 40 pipe or 5” O.D. rotary draw. 5 axis interpolation push bending with variable radius up to 2-1/2” sch. 40 pipe.


  • 25” vertical x 30” horizontal (straight cut)
  • 16” vertical x 18” horizontal (45° miter cut)
  • 10” vertical x 18” horizontal (60° miter cut)


Up to 4-1/2” O.D. schedule 40.

Sheet and Plate Fab

Sheet & Plate Fab


6 axis: From small profiles up to 14’ - 350 ton.


1/2” x 12’ mild steel, 3/8” x 12’ stainless with CNC front gauge and back gauge.

Turret Punching:

Up to 1/4” material, 33 ton 44 station with auto index stations and tapping head.

Plate Rolling:

10’ x 3/8” x 43.5” internal diameter in 65,000 psi steel, or up to 5/8” plate. 8 axis CNC control.

Product Finishing

• Powdercoating

• Galvanizing

• Painting

Precision Machining

Precision Machining


Up to 16” diameter, 23” length with Y-axis & live tooling, 3.5” spindle bore with C-axis.

Vertical Mill:

3 axis: Small, multifaceted pieces up to 84” x 40” x 30” 5 axis: Up to 30” diameter

Gantry Mill:

3 axis:
19.5” x 72” x 240”

Precision Welding

Robotic & Manual Welding:

Welder machines calibrated annually. Certified welders for AWS unlimited thickness. ASME certified for pressure vessel steel welding.

Tig Welding:

Spot Welding:

Mig Welding:

Precision Welding

We can supply the raw materials for your projects or use your material. We are equipped to handle the laser-cutting, shearing, forming, tube bending, machining, welding, finishing, and assembly. Partnered for water jetting, galvanizing, and powder coating, we are a one-stop shop for whatever your projects may require. DOWNLOAD our Custom Fab Brochure below for comprehensive services.

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Custom Fabrication & Production

Whether you need a prototype, a single component, or a production run, we are here to serve you! To learn more about our extensive fabrication services DOWNLOAD our PDF literature.

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