FARM Program Honors 2023 excellence in dairy Industry

USAgNet - 11/21/2023

The National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program recently unveiled the winners of its prestigious 2023 FARM Excellence Awards. This annual celebration, now in its third year, acknowledges the extraordinary efforts of farms and individuals who exceed industry standards through innovation and continuous improvement.

The 2023 accolades were distributed across several categories. Ingleside Dairy Farm, Inc., a member of Dairy Farmers of America, clinched the award for Animal Care & Antibiotic Stewardship. This recognition is for their relentless pursuit of creating optimal conditions for cows and their pioneering approach in the Southeast.

For Workforce Development, Newmont Farm LLC of Agri-Mark, Inc. in Vermont received the award. Their commitment to employee safety and effective communication of safety measures to employees and the community was particularly lauded.

Evaluator of the Year went to Jim Kauffman of Associated Milk Producers Inc., who stands out for his dedication and efforts in raising awareness about the FARM Program. An anonymous Dairy Farmers of America farm was honored for Environmental Stewardship, showcasing the diversity of excellence within the dairy industry.

The winners were celebrated at the Joint Annual Meeting of the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board, National Milk Producers Federation, and United Dairy Industry Association in Orlando, Florida.

The FARM Excellence Awards, initiated in 2021, are a testament to the ongoing commitment to excellence in the dairy industry. They highlight the significant strides made by farmers and evaluators in enhancing the quality and sustainability of dairy farming. The awards are determined by the FARM Farmer Advisory Council and other experts, with nominations coming from a wide array of industry professionals.

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