Winter wheat conditions dip slightly across southern plains

USAgNet - 11/21/2023

In the Southern Plains, the agricultural landscape has seen a slight shift this week. Oklahoma's winter wheat has shown a modest decline in conditions, with 44% rated as good to excellent, a decrease from last week's 49%. The state's planting and emergence rates, however, remain consistent with previous years.

Kansas reports a similar trend, with 33% of winter wheat rated good to excellent, though this marks a slight improvement from last week. The state also shows progress in other crops, with soybean and sorghum harvests nearing completion and cotton harvesting making good progress.

In Texas, winter wheat planting and emergence are slightly below the average, and crop conditions have seen a marginal improvement compared to last week. The state also reports on cotton and peanut harvests, indicating a slight lag in cotton harvesting compared to last year.

Across the U.S., winter wheat planting and emergence are generally consistent with the five-year average, with overall conditions slightly improved from last week. Corn and cotton harvests are progressing, with corn nearly complete and cotton harvest advancing well.

Livestock and pasture conditions in Oklahoma show a minor decline, reflecting challenges in the region. However, the state's alfalfa and other hay cuttings are progressing, albeit at varying rates compared to previous years.

This week's report highlights the fluctuating nature of agricultural conditions and the continuous efforts of farmers in the Southern Plains to adapt and thrive in a changing environment.

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