CNH pioneers advanced combine harvester production with hefty investment

USAgNet - 01/19/2024

CNH Industrial, a frontrunner in agricultural machinery, has announced a significant investment of 150 million euros (approximately $163 million) to boost its production capabilities. This investment is channeled towards the manufacture of the New Holland CR11 combine harvester, a cutting-edge addition to the world of farming equipment.

The company's production site in Zedelgem, Belgium, is set to undergo a complete transformation. This includes a thorough redesign of the assembly line and logistics area, as revealed on Wednesday. The revamp aims to enhance the manufacturing process of the CR11, touted as the most productive combine harvester available.

This investment marks a significant step in CNH Industrial's strategy. It not only supports the development of the CR11 but also consolidates the production lines of the New Holland CX and CR series. Such integration will yield improved manufacturing flexibility, accommodating various models on the same production line.

A highlight of this upgrade is the introduction of a state-of-the-art wireless, automated system. This innovative technology will enable simultaneous assembly of different models, showcasing CNH's commitment to technological advancement and efficiency in agricultural machinery production.

These moves by CNH Industrial underline its dedication to leading the agricultural sector with advanced, high-performance machinery, setting new standards in the industry and supporting farmers globally with superior technology.

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