Farm Groups Call for Bipartisan Infrastructure Package

USAgNet - 06/11/2021

Leading U.S. agriculture groups today called on the bipartisan working group and Congressional leadership to come together on a bipartisan infrastructure package that they call vital to American farmers and their continued domestic and international market access.

The letter comes as negotiations among a bipartisan group of Senators accelerate and Congressional leaders weigh the path forward for infrastructure investments. The letter, which was organized by Farmers for Free Trade, includes support from every step of the U.S. supply chain: from farm groups, to truckers, to waterways, to ports and more.

"American agriculture depends on access to new foreign and domestic markets, and that access depends on reliable infrastructure in the middle of the country and along the coastlines," the groups write in the letter. "Investing in American agriculture and infrastructure will protect and create jobs. In 2019, 22.2 million full and part-time jobs in America were dependent on the agricultural and food sectors. We ask all members of the 117th Congress to recognize the importance of infrastructure to the health of the nation's food and agricultural economy and work together to support investments that will allow our workers to remain competitive in a global marketplace."

The letter focuses on the economic importance of agricultural trade, the importance of infrastructure for ag supply chains and exports, how infrastructure spending will support ag and rural jobs, current deficiencies in ag infrastructure, the benefits of investing in rural broadband and the importance of passing an infrastructure package in our efforts to compete globally.

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