Agtrinsic and Spornado boost crop health with DNA-based disease detection

USAgNet - 01/30/2024

Midwest farmers are set to benefit from a partnership between Agtrinsic, owned by Evergreen FS, Inc., and Toronto-based Spornado. This collaboration aims to change crop disease management using advanced DNA analysis.

The Spornado early alert system, integrated with Agtrinsic's Broad Scale Disease Model, employs DNA testing to accurately identify fungal pathogens that threaten crops.

Farmers can now rely on the same day shipped samples for rapid analysis at regional labs. The resulting data is fed into the Agtrinsic platform, enhancing its machine learning capabilities and disease modeling accuracy. This integration allows Agtrinsic customers real-time access to vital information, aiding their crop protection decisions.

This technology synergizes with Scanit Technologies’ Sporecam, further fortifying the pathogen detection grid. This dual approach not only identifies the presence of spores but also confirms the specific fungal pathogens, offering a comprehensive solution for disease prevention.

Scott Plato, Agtrinsic's product manager, emphasizes the significance of such technology in combating the multi-billion-dollar impact of airborne pathogens on crop production. The initiative is not just an economic safeguard but also a crucial step towards global food security.

The 2024 cropping season will see the full integration of Spornado's genetic testing, significantly enhancing Agtrinsic’s SporeCam pathogen detection grid. This collaboration is poised to become a cornerstone in the fight against fungal diseases, as noted by Spornado CEO, Kristine White.

Together, Agtrinsic and Spornado are shaping the future of crop protection with actionable, data-driven solutions.

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