Bird flu strikes Texas dairy - Human case detected

USAgNet - 04/02/2024

A person in Texas tests positive for bird flu after contact with infected dairy cows. Avian influenza spreads from cattle, prompting health warnings and rapid changes for livestock producers.

The Texas Department of State Health Services reports a human case of bird flu linked to infected dairy herds. The patient, showing symptoms of conjunctivitis, is isolated and treated with antiviral drugs.

Avian influenza, usually spread by wild birds, rarely infects humans. Previous cases involved individuals in close contact with infected poultry. The risk of transmission from person to person is low.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture confirms bird flu in multiple dairy herds across Texas, Kansas, and Michigan. Some cattle showed no symptoms during transit. Idaho, New Mexico, and Texas report presumptive positive cases.

Though bird flu poses minimal risk to the public, those in close contact with infected animals face higher risks. Regulatory practices and pasteurization safeguard the commercial milk supply.

The recent outbreak highlights the evolving challenges faced by livestock producers. The spread of avian influenza among cattle underscores the need for vigilance and coordinated efforts among health and agriculture authorities.

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