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NCGA: Value of Online Education Resources Growing
USAgNet - 04/08/2020

The value of online teaching resources that can be used while students are learning from home continues to grow as the shelter at home hits three to four weeks for many schools and families. The good news is that corn growers are here to help with Continuous Learning resources.

If you are a teacher or parent looking for resources tailored to at-home use and available for digital and hard copy distribution, you might find your state corn grower association is a great source. Kansas Corn Commission provides an excellent example of offering a great selection of K-12 teaching resources.

Kansas has a team of teachers continuing to create educational resources with the goal of providing "hands-on" lessons that can be done using items commonly found around the home. And lessons are being added all the time.

The innovative STEM-based programs provide curriculum, lab materials and training for teachers at all levels and even provides programs for college students interested in the role corn can play in their future careers.

Using a corn-based curriculum that meets the teaching standards for most states is a great way to mix up your teaching approach and keep things fun. So, whether it is learning math conversion and calculations, an essay project to sharpen those writing skills, or learning about biotechnology, you can find it on the Kansas Corn site. In fact, many state corn growers' associations offer free educational materials that are readily accessible by Googling a state name and corn growers' association.

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