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DuPont Settles $670 Million in Water Contamination Claims
USAgNet - 02/15/2017

Douglas & London, P.C. announced the $670.7 million settlement in principle to address approximately 3,500 claims against DuPont and Chemours for injuries sustained by the chemical giant's contamination of the water supply near their Parkersburg, West Virginia plant with perfluorooctanoic acid, also known as PFOA or C-8.

Michael London, co-lead counsel for the multi-district litigation and the principle negotiator for the settlement states, "this is a tremendous positive step toward resolving this litigation in a way that provides compensation for our injured clients without the need for additional, lengthy, and expensive trials. We look forward to working with DuPont to finalize this settlement and get these injured individuals paid as quickly as possible."

The settlement comes just weeks after firm partner Gary Douglas secured a $12.5 million verdict, including $10.5 million in punitive damages against DuPont for causing testicular cancer in plaintiff Kenneth Vigneron. This was the largest verdict to date against DuPont following a $5.6 million verdict and a $1.6 million verdict for plaintiffs similarly harmed.

In addition to the $670.7 million already set aside by DuPont and Chemours, the companies could each pay up to $25 million per year for the next five years or an additional $250 million to address future injuries not covered by the settlement.

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