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Wisconsin Looking into 'Lemon Law' for Farm Equipment
USAgNet - 11/27/2019

A central Wisconsin lawmaker wants to establish a policy that protects buyers of new farm equipment if those items turn out to be faulty. According to Brownfield Ag News, State Senator Jerry Petrowski of Marathon is proposing a bill similar to the so-called lemon law that gives consumers the right to a refund if the automobiles they purchase has undisclosed defects.

"If you spend a lot of money on a tractor and it doesn't function and you've taken it back to the dealer four times and it still doesn't do the job that it's supposed to, you should be entitled to a refund or get a different tractor or whatever," Petrowski told the radio network. "We've had a number of people that have talked to me at different functions about why don't we have something like this."

The measure would give the manufacturer or dealership up to 30 days to repair any problems with purchased farm implements. Any failure to do so would entitle the buyer to either a different piece of equipment or a full refund. Similar protections would also apply to lease agreements.

Petrowski plans to bring the concept to the Senate Ag Committee for consideration.

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