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Jason Alexander Takes on Col. Sanders Role in New Ads
USAgNet - 08/08/2018

Former Seinfeld star Jason Alexander has a new role as Col. Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Alexander will don the white suit and beard that the real Col. Sanders was known to wear and promote the chicken chain's $20 Fill Up deals.

In a statement, Alexander said he will draw on his childhood experiences to find inspiration to play the fast food icon.

"As the son of two working parents, there were plenty of dinnertimes when a bucket of chicken and all the fixins saved the day," Alexander said. "It's been fun to combine my personal love for KFC with my sitcom experience into a new take on the role of Colonel Sanders."

The spots Alexander did for KFC aren't your typical chain restaurant commercials.

In one ad, Alexander as Sanders barges into a family home with extra-long arms to hold all the varieties of chicken on offer at KFC.

In another, which was done as a sitcom-style spoof, Alexander as Sanders takes over the same family home, eventually morphing into the mother, the father and the couch.

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