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Survey Reveals Our Relationship with Ice Cream May Be Cooling
USAgNet - 07/17/2017

Americans have enjoyed ice cream for centuries -- Presidents Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were both known to serve the treat to their guests. A new national survey conducted this month by an independent research firm for ARCTIC ZERO Fit Frozen Desserts illustrates that today's Americans are not feeling as free to indulge in ice cream as our Founding Fathers did.

Among the findings: While 99% of people like ice cream, more than half of Americans say they do not eat ice cream or limit their consumption due to "health" concerns. That includes those who feel ice cream isn't a healthy choice (22%), those who are trying to lose weight or stay fit (17%), and the increasingly significant percentage of Americans who say they are managing dietary restrictions (16%). Nearly one in five shoppers reported regularly avoiding the ice cream section at the grocery store -- half of them noting they did not want to be tempted to purchase ice cream.

Amit Pandhi, CEO of ARCTIC ZERO Fit Frozen Desserts, notes that the survey underscores the health consciousness of today's consumers and the growing demand for a healthier frozen dessert option that respects dietary needs such as those due to diabetes or lactose intolerance.

"Everyone still wants to indulge a sweet tooth and enjoy a fun and flavorful frozen dessert. Yet, collectively we are becoming more careful about our choices -- paying attention to ingredients, nutritional value, dietary restrictions and preferences and how our indulgences make us feel," said Pandhi.

When measured against data gathered in June 2016, the number of Americans reporting dietary restrictions increased by six percent. In addition, more than half (53%) of those surveyed reported that they either always or frequently read the ingredient labels on ice cream or frozen desserts before eating or purchasing -- up from 45% last year.

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